About me

some words about me


Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Antonioli and I live in Rostock, Northern Germany. I've studied computer science, worked as a freelancer on different projects and finally dropped out to build a company with my co-founder Jan. Developing B2B apps, building websites and complex web applications and creating online businesses is what I do for a living, but I also make music and read about human nature.

Currently we're working on the company. But we're planning to build own products and develop new business models that also have a positive impact on the world. We seek to build passive income streams, develop own products (instead of building products for other companies) and implement new business ideas.

I care about

  • communication (above all)
  • solving problems
  • clean and professional software development (version control, tests)
  • separation of logic and concerns
  • design patterns and good architecture thereof
  • entrepreneurship

And I like to make some music.