Hello World

some information about the setup


Hello world! This is my new little website. If you see any hiccups related to display bugs — I didn't use a frontend framework just for fun — or just want to say hello, contact me

Thanks to Netcup

I got a special deal at Netcup, a wonderful hosting provider. Their support is amazing and the Root Servers are extremely cheap for what they are. I'm currently migrating all the Amazon AWS stuff to this provider and the raw performance is even cheaper than DigitalOcean or others.
I've installed Gitlab CE using their docker instances and the whole server was configured in 5 minutes on a Netcup Root-Server L with a Confluence/JIRA installation and a Gitlab-Runner for Gitlab CI (regarding Gitlab: I love it. And the CEO replied to my questions on Hacker News - awesome!). But I don't want to advertise here, I'm just glad that I found a good and cheap web hosting provider for my small website.

Grav rocks

I was eager to try Grav CMS and have to admit that it is simply beautiful. I worked with everything from Wordpress to Nibbleblog and even a desperately self-written cms, but Grav gets everything right: UI/UX of the admin panel is perfect and the setup was outright done after downloading the tarball - it's a file-based cms after all.
Netcup uses Let's Encrypt to issue free certificates with a one-click-setup and automatic renewal. Felt like I'm living in the future after setups involving manual renewal.

# release the magic
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://samuelantonioli.de/$1 [R,L]

I had this website design laying around so I just used their default theme as a boilerplate and integrated the new look in an hour thanks to their good documentation.

Zoho Mail, too

I should mention that I don't use any affiliate links here, because this will sound like just another product placement. After Google decided to change their business model for Google Apps and removed the freemium Google Mail in Google Apps, I desperately searched for a good alternative and found Zoho Mail, because Netcup offers just one mail account with 10GB splitted between hosting and mail. After verifying domain ownership and changing the MX records it was ready to use instantly. 5GB for up to 5 users in the free tier is definitely a very good deal and you can upgrade every feature e.g. to get more space or custom branding.

Starting this website required literally 10 minutes of setup (excluding the theme) and I just spend 19ct/month for a small place with free document root, DNS records editing (sad that this is cannot be expected in the first place), python, perl and php (5.3 up to 5.6) support and — best of all — ssh access.
I'm not cheap in any way and the price is not the only thing I care about, but I'm very happy that there are some very good mail and hosting providers which offer quality above their price tags.

And it got a Page Speed score of 90/100 for mobile and 97/100 for desktop (the only optimization left was above the fold css inlining, but I don't mind).